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Hi there,

I have got this all working and think that it is great. Nice work.

I have a few questions that I would like clarity on.

1. Can I set new room names? The tab "rooms", which appears on the screenshots, doesn't appear when I log in.

2. When I enabled the Alexa skill" Roomskills smarthome devices" I can see my squeezebox speakers in alexa and therefore can control the volume etc without saying "ask musiccontrol" however I have this problem:

Because I have smart lighting in my home and have "Dining room lights" when I say "alexa set the dining room volume to 40" that's fine. However when I say "alexa set the dining room LIGHTS to XX" it still controls the volume. So in essence I am unable to distinguish between the lights and the music.

This is not a problem for me as I have simply disabled the skill and I just add the phrase "ask music control" but I wondered if there was something you could recommend.

3. How does musiccontrol decide what player to adjust when there are multible players associated with 1 room in roomskills?

I hope that all makes sense. Any feedback would be great as I really think you have made a fantastic squeezebox integration here.
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Re: Rooms

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I am glad Roomskills is generally working very well for you.

In regard to your 1st question - at the moment it is not possible to set new room names for the skills music control or without changing the skill. In order to get a good recognition of the room names I had to add them to the speech model of the skills music control or voice control. If there is a general useful room missing let me know and I might add it in the future.

That was actually the initial reason I added the skill Smarthome devices which just adds the devices as standard alexa devices. Using the skill Alexa Smarthome devices the user voice interaction is defined by Amazon in their Smarthome voice model.

This brings us to your 2nd and 3rd question. The problem you are describing is related to the Alexa Smarthome device model. I have never experienced it. It might be that you need to set up the speaker in the Alexa App and add it to the right room. There are several options there in regard to speakers. I actually gave my devices specific names like bathroom radio and using this in the command worked for me if I remember correctly. Maybe this might work for you as well. I just found the utterance under: ... eaker.html

I hope this helps, and I wish you a lot of fun with Roomskills

Ingo from Roomskills