Error accessing skills credentials 2

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Error accessing skills credentials 2

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After following all instructions and setting up LMS server to work with my Amazon echo, when I ask for a specific song to be played (verbally per directions) I get nothing except for the message "Error accessing skills credentials 2".
I have found no reference in my documentation to explain this error or how to remedy the situation.
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Re: Error accessing skills credentials 2

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I had a look and your configuration was somehow configured wrongly. This must have ahppened on our end so sorry for this. I did recover what was possible, but you probabbly have to go onto the website under Services and have to configure the payers to the rooms one more time.

Sorry for the problems. I had never had such a problem, so it would be good for us to know when this happened, so we can fix the error for future users.

In additon your package was Basic and to control players you need the package advanced. I updated your package to advanced for the remaining test time as well.

Have fun with Roomskills and don't hesitate to contact us via

If you are still experiencing problems.

Ingo from Roomskills